About Educabulary Plus

Educabulary Plus, through many years of professional and practical experience of providing tuition, aimed specifically at equipping children with the required skills to pass the 11 plus, independent school and verbal reasoning examinations, recognised the need to use fun and interactive methods to achieve the required standard.

Hence Educabulary Plus created a range of vocabulary building cards; the vocabulary having been extensively researched from a large number of sources, ostensibly from 11 plus examination papers.

These cards have been designed to give the children the necessary knowledge of vocabulary required to assist in passing 11 plus/independent school examinations.

The cards not only assist in defining the words, but assist in putting the words into meaningful context.

From experience, Educabulary Plus has also found that children learn quicker through teaching words in sets that are 'conceptually-related', for example, names of different animals. As a direct result Educabulary Plus has put together relevant sets of words.

All of the cards can be used as flashcards, or in a game format, which is both educational and fun for the children.

An increased vocabulary is not only essential to assist in passing these crucial examinations but provides grounding in further education and beyond.

"Our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 classes have been using the packs. We have found the cards to be extremely useful in development of language skills. They have been a particularly valuable resource in our preparation for the 11+ testing."

M. T. R. Jones, Headteacher, Prenton Prep. School.

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